View Full Version : Who's responsibility are lock repairs the tennant or landlord

02-12-2011, 17:44 PM
My tennants recently claimed the working locks in the apt had broken six months into their tennancy. They are now passing on a huge 210 pound bill to me which I am reluctant to pay for calling someone out, it was around midnight although the receipt they have doens't reflect a call out charge in the fee. (When i called someone out a year or so ago it was 110 pounds, so the price has doubled and they were fairly new locks to begin with)

Does anyone have any guidance about whose responsibility this is?

Thanks, feedback would be enormously appreciated

02-12-2011, 17:58 PM
Yes, I bet if I locked myself out at midnight and had to call a locksmith, I might also be tempted to send the bill to my landlord saying the locks were broken. (That's if I thought he was gullible enough to believe me.)

02-12-2011, 18:08 PM
Pay bill, issue S21, find new tenant..

There 'avin' a larf....

NB Tennant is spelt tenant..

02-12-2011, 18:31 PM
Pay bill, issue S21, find new tenant..

There 'avin' a larf....

NB Tenant is spelt tenant..

Or pay bill and recover from deposit.

If T locks self out it is usually T responsibility, unless your agreement says otherwise or the lockout was your fault.