View Full Version : Graffiti Removal

23-05-2005, 14:16 PM
Can anyone please advise. Who is responsible for the removal of graffiti from the external wall of a property - landlord or tenant (I'm presuming landlord, but just want to confirm).


23-05-2005, 16:28 PM
If the tenant or one of his visitors has done it, then the tenant. Otherwise Landlord.

A product called GraffiGreen is what I used to use to get graffiti off my boundary walls until the local council, Doncaster MBC organised a department called FLAG, Fighting Litter and Graffiti and they will now remove free of charge graffiti on walls which bound onto the street or walkways. Your local council might do likewise - phone em up and see!

23-05-2005, 18:52 PM
Brilliant! I'll give them a buzz tomorrow.