View Full Version : Housing Benefit Rent Dodger - can the DSS do anything about her future entitlement

10-10-2011, 16:21 PM
Just found out our tenant got paid two months worth of housing benefit from the DSS but she didn't pay us. We are commencing eviction however, what would the housing benefit office do with regards to her future entitlement surely people like this are penalised for such behaviour?

Is there anything else that can be done to advance the eviction process or do we still have to follow the Section 8 route?

10-10-2011, 16:23 PM
Section 8 or section 21 - your choice.

Is the tenant still claiming housing benefit?

Housing benefit office won't do anything about non-payment becuse their only obligation is to pay the £££. Like child benefit & children, housing benefit doesn't have to be spent on housing.

10-10-2011, 17:34 PM
Many thanks for your advice.

Yes the tenant is still claiming, this makes an absolute mockery of the system.

Looks like by the time I have evicted the tenant, she'll be at least 6 months in arrears, typical law on the rent dodging tenant's side.

10-10-2011, 17:48 PM
Contact the housing benefit office in the morning, and tell them that the tenant is more than 8 weeks behind on rent.

They will suspend Ts claim whilst they investigate. You will be asked to provide a rent statement, and tenant will be given 14 days to prove that the statement is wrong.

Once 14 days are up, the council will pay all housing benefit to you from thenceforth, including any due to be paid during the suspension period. It is possible that the first payment will include up to a months worth of backpay (say payment for 15/9 to 12/10 is to be paid on 13/10) and this may take the unpaid amount under the 2 months for a section 8 ground 8 eviction.

Of course that wouldn't affect a section 21.