View Full Version : Tenant wants to leave early

03-10-2011, 19:52 PM
hi my tenant has just told me he needs to leave the house asap.he has just paid his 2nd months rent(he signed a 6 month agreement)and told me i can keep his deposit(held with the DPS).
I have no problem with this as he explained his circumstances to me.
Is there anything I need to do or get him to do just to tie up any loose ends.
Also would there be a problem getting money from DPS before the agreement has run its course?

mind the gap
03-10-2011, 21:30 PM
No, as long as he authorises the DPS to release his deposit to you, there shouldn't be a problem. But does that leave you with nothing to fall back on if there is damage to be repaired or cleaning to be done?