View Full Version : council tax chase me

30-09-2011, 16:37 PM
My tenants moved out last week without paying council tax.

During the year that they lived there the council tax made enquiries with me and when I told them who lived there they demanded proof.

i sent them a contract but they did nothing to get the money off the tenants.

Now my tenants have moved out they are again chasing me. they now say that
the contract i gave them was not valid because 1 of the original tenants moved out after 6 months and i allowed the replacement tenant to sign the original contract. they are telling me that as the landlord it is illegal to amend the contract and they have issued a court summons now unless i pay.

is there anything i can do or do i have to pay it? surely as the landlord i have a right to rent and sublet and add names to my contract if i wish?

30-09-2011, 18:42 PM
I am sure you will get more specific advice - but the council are talking cobblers. Sure, you could have handled your paperwork better - but using phrases like 'illegal' is just scaremongering.