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Tycoon 2 B
21-05-2005, 15:46 PM

21-05-2005, 19:46 PM
Oh no! Not another cheap Southcourt lettings package. Last time such a sale appeared here, the thread ran on and on as to the merits or otherwise of the package. I certainly hope you sell it soon.


21-05-2005, 21:30 PM
Forgive me for my ignorance as I'm fairly new to this, but,
Why does any mention of Southcourt seem to provoke ridicule or some sort of negative comment?
Is Southcourt a genuine company offering a genuine opportunity, or is it not?

The various franchises are very expensive and I detect a certain amount of opposition and even jealousy of a cheaper alterternative.

I must say that I have no connection with Southcourt at all.
I have an interest in gaining knowledge of the Lettings business as I let a property and am considering starting a Lettings Agency partly to expand my own property ownership and to help other landlords who don't want the trouble of managing it themselves.

I would appreciate sensible and honest replies.

22-05-2005, 11:55 AM
I have absoloutely nothing against Southcourt or it's letting package at all. I believe the package is advertised on this site and is therefore considered to be good value for money by those that know. Indeed Paul F has stated that he considers it to be good way to start and I believe he is discussing with Southcourt how he can assist with the further training of letting agents who are using this package. In a world where anybody can start up as a letting agent without any form of qualification whatsoever and where we read here some of the resulting horror stories, the package is one way that such horror stories can be minimised and such agents can provide the service that us landlords have a right to expect.
I understand that Southcourt provide a telephone help line for all course purchasers. The last course what was offered here "cheap" came with Suothcourt's help service. I would think it essential that the course mentioned here also comes with Southcourt's agreement to continue this service to its purchaser.