View Full Version : Tenant vacated and subsequently became Bankrupt owing rent.

28-09-2011, 10:57 AM
Following the issuance of a Section 21(4)(a) the tenant vacated my property as requested. However he left owing rental arrears of £2,500. Subsequent to his departure I have discovered that he applied for and was granted Bankruptcy; automatic discharge of which will be after 12 months. I was not invited to become a creditor and was not notified of the insolvency proceedings. If I wait until after the date of discharge and submit a small claim via a County Court, will the Court still be able to accept my petition bearing in mind the aforementioned Bankruptcy proceedings?

28-09-2011, 14:27 PM
granted Bankruptcy, then you have no chance.

The miscreant has been deemed, by law, to have no money.
Even if you were told about his application, he had no property ( was renting )
so what can they take off him.
Needs a car for work.

i have sat in a bancrupcy court, and the applicant had no money, nothing
in the bank, no house, so his creditors could not receive one penny.
So I think you are stuffed, but I am no expert, but IF you were one of his
creditors ( and you say you are not ) you can't go after him after he is discharged,
You maybe able to persue your claim after his discharge ( which is good for you if you can, but I cant answer that one )

Others may be able to enlighten you further.