View Full Version : Advertising Hoardings on Rented Houses

25-09-2011, 15:41 PM
I'm just looking at a property which usually has an advertising hoarding on it, but doesn't at present. We're talking an end terrace on a main-ish road into a town which has had a 48 sheet hoarding on it for years and years and years.

I'd be grateful for comments on these points.

How do these contracts for hoardings normally work? Are they that the owner is paid a rental by an advertising company, which lasts for n years, and needs planning permission, or are fees only paid when an advert is there?

Are rents depressed for properties with a hoarding?

How much of the headline rate would normally go back to the poster site owner?

Is it possible to get caught in that the previous owner gets the money, and there is no continuing income?

It looks like a nice little bonus which would more than cover any rent reduction if you can swing it, but clearly I need to talk to the LA re: planning history, likelihood of future planning permissions for adverts etc.



25-09-2011, 15:54 PM
I had a company approach me to put a sign outside my shop on the pavement I owned, not quite the same thing, but they dealt with planning permission and so on, they paid on the nose as long as it was there and restored the pavement when the contract finished. Easy money.