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17-11-2006, 11:16 AM
Hi all,

I need to get a part 6 grade D interlinked system installed to protect bedrooms, kitchen, study, lounge and other common areas.

The electricians visited yesterday to provide me with an estimate. They seemed to think that it would not be neccessary to install detectors in the bedrooms, and that detectors in the landings right outside the bedrooms would be sufficient, providing that the decibel check that they carry out would prove loud enough from inside the rooms when the doors were closed. They also informed me that they had installed many other interlinked systems in HMO properties in the town and they had not required one in each room either.

I am wondering if this sounds right to everyone here, or is it more likely the case that one will be needed in each room as I had previously thought?

The wording of the email from the council states "an interlinked system to protect the bedrooms, common areas" etc... so I supposed this could mean that as long as they can be heard from inside the rooms then they are protected. I really thought that one per room would be the minimum requirement regardless of how audible the alarms are, unless anyone else knows otherwise?

Also, I am going to have to install an Aquamist style sprinkler system at some point in the future. I got a quote for £3700 just to cover my lounge. Does this sound about right, or has anyone been able to find it cheaper somewhere?

Many thanks, John.

18-11-2006, 14:33 PM
I have come across this before and usually find that electricians are talking about not needing full coverage when the system is installed as per the building regulations, however if a property was converted without building regs approval local authorities refer to one of the tables set out in BS5839 which asks for full coverage.