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21-09-2011, 19:50 PM
In my groundfloor flat I have a tenant who has been with me for over a year, the tank is in the airing cupboard and the drain valve has been broken and flooded the flat. Carpets and laminate flooring has been soaked and I presume a new tank will have to be fitted. They say the valve was rusted and broke. But I belief it was stepped on it and it then broke. They want me to put them in a hotel or provide accomodation because I am the landlord. Is this my responsibility? I have building insurance and she has contents insuance. Between us can we make a claim for the damage? Would the insurance cover her to move to alternative accomodation? or is this my responsibility?

Mars Mug
21-09-2011, 20:37 PM
If you mean a hot water cistern, then corrosion is a very common mode of failure, and examination of the broken part would make that clear if that’s the case.

21-09-2011, 20:52 PM
If the poperty is uninhabitable, either through the damage, or whilst the repair work is being done, it is usually the responsibility of the LL to find/provide alternative accommodation. We had a flood in our flat last year, and tenant had to move out for 2 weeks. Check your insurance to see if you are covered for this, but unless it is a comprehensive LL based policy, you may be unlucky.

Just think yourself lucky it is a GF flat, as if upstairs you may have had claims from flat below too!