View Full Version : agency increase rent

21-09-2011, 17:49 PM
Two months ago I was find an nice house to rent in "streat ahead" agency.
An agent say 1500 a month and this price I accept , but 3 days before I have to move agent ring to my phone, they want increase rent to 1700. Is this legal with law??? Can anybady help me.

21-09-2011, 17:58 PM
I wouldn't take this much further if I was you. I think English is not your first language so tread carefully. Streets Ahead are known to me and quite a few from a TV programme I think, but I could not comment!

21-09-2011, 18:23 PM
Yes English is not my first language but I think not my language is the problem. They can told me about increase faster. For me is imposible to find other house in 3 days. If that house will be for me then is not problem ( I can take an hostel) but I have small child and girlfriend in home.

21-09-2011, 23:54 PM
If at time of being notified of rent increase you had not signed the T agreement (AST), paid deposit & first months rent I fear ther is little you can do. All you have is a contract with LA for intent to supply.
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