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18-05-2005, 09:13 AM
please i hope someone can help me!

i have a 2bed flat in brighton and i have let a morrocan woman i work with rent the room as she was leaving her husband and needed somewhere to stay! we agreeed on a very low rent as it was to help her out £50pw plus £50p/month for bills! when she moved in we did a contract between us saying she would pay that money and could stay with me for 6months!

but 6weeks ago she decided she would have her family to come over from moroco for a month (at least) and expected them to stay in her room! i explained this is not possible and she asked if we could get rid of the contract and she could move out sooner! i agreed that the contract could be void (she doesnt have a copy anyway and i ripped mine up) and we agreed she would pay me 1months rent to get out of the contract and leave on day of handing money over of which i said she didnt have to pay the bill money just the room money (i was being nice)!
which she paid into my account that morning but then refused to leave saying that the flat she had then arranged to move into had fallen through and shed stay here as long as she liked?

i then explained i had made other plans for her room and would need her out by the end of the month at the latest giving her another 3weeks to find somewhere.... she turned nasty saying shes not leaving and got very abusive i was scared and called the police they turned up said they cant do anything but took her to her friends house as she was breaching the peace! i have now locked myself in the flat she still has all her belongings here and still has a key i just dont know what to do?

please please help!

18-05-2005, 09:41 AM
How terrible!

A similar thing happened to me. All the advice I have got is that she is a lodger, a paying guest in your home. So if you withdraw permission for her to stay in your house she is a trespasser. Now the police are right that they don't have the power to remove her. But you can. Be strong & it'll all be over soon. Change the locks & if she contacts you arrange a time when she can pick up her stuff.

Her position is the same as if you'd asked her over for dinner & now you want her to leave. Change the locks & get rid!

BTW I had a young man doing prostitution & selling drugs from my bedroom. I locked him out & called the police three times in two days. It was horrible at the time but it's all worth it now to have my lovely home back

Well nearly, nopw for my other lodger

18-05-2005, 09:43 AM
PS Please tell me how it goes? Good luck :)

18-05-2005, 09:59 AM
thanks for your help if anyone else has anything to add that would be great ill show her all this info tonight so hopefully shell see shes in the wrong!

19-05-2005, 06:54 AM
phew!!!! after a very long night shes gone!!!!!!
very happy x

19-05-2005, 09:40 AM
I'm glad it worked for you :)

Now I have to follow my own advice

I have a lodger who went to Africa for 4 weeks
Well it's now 6 weeks & she doesn't know when she's coming back
So she owes me £450 which is ridiculous because she getting HB

I believe she's been messing me up for a long time
I mean smiling to my face but acting against me when I'm not there

So I have to get rid of her, she will not go quietly

She once told me that she would tell the police
I sexually harassed her if I tried to evict her