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17-05-2005, 12:02 PM
My lodger went to Africa for four weeks
And the HB cheques have been dropping through the letter box every Saturday

Trouble is I can't cash them because they're in her name
Now she says she doesn't know when she's comeing back

So I have five HB cheques in her name for £75

Should I contact HB & ask for a cheque in my name?
Can I get the money owed to me while she's away?

I'm worried if I contact them it will take forever to sort out

Thanks for any advice :)

Andy Parker
17-05-2005, 12:15 PM
Your tenant will have to sort it out.How did you get paid before she left?The best you can do is pay the cheques into your tenant's bank account and get her
to pay the rent separately (by cheque,bank transfer or whatever).If you want to paid directly you need the tenant's agreement until the rent arrears is 8 weeks or more (this is for Birmingham Council so it may vary with your your council).Once the arrears is 8 weeks or more you can insist on direct payment.It might take your council a month or two to set this up.Good luck.

17-05-2005, 13:19 PM
Thanks very much Andy

She had an SO set up from her bank account to pay me
But we agreed that she's change the HB into cheques into my name

But this didn't happen

We also set up a weekly rent book, WH Smith's :)

I have offered to pay the cheques into her account
But she says she needs to 'sign them on the back'
Which I don't think is true, is it

I'm trying to get her mother to take the cheques & give me the money

This should be simple, but I seem to be missing a trick

Thanks again for you advice


17-05-2005, 13:54 PM
if she is out of the country she probably is not entitled to HB so you are helping her to commit fraud.


17-05-2005, 13:55 PM
Also is she a lodger or a tenant ?


17-05-2005, 14:06 PM
She's a lodger, She lives in a bedroom in my house

I thought she was entiltled to visit her country for 13 weeks
And still claim HB?