View Full Version : s21 served but 2 months later tenant hasn't moved out

16-05-2005, 20:27 PM
hi everybody, i am new to the list am hoping to become a letting agent ( i recently bought the southcourt package).

in law, if a tenant has been served a s21 lets say 1 month into the tenancy, but hasn't moved out a after notice period has run out ie 2 months later, what happens then.

am i right in thinking that the landlord has to serve a s8 and go to court to get a repossesion order, if so how much longer does it normally take for the landlord to gain possesion?

16-05-2005, 21:07 PM
benji. I've just answered one question of yours and this is another one in similar vein; it's all hypothetical stuff which sends people like me crazy. I'm not being disrespectful but if you intend to become a letting agent then for God's sake get some serious training and experience behind you first.

The Southcourt package is good for all the basics, and I hope to be able to look at the package shortly. I intend to project some of my training courses to "put some meat on the bones", especially on the finer lawful aspects as apparently it covers only basic law.

I know the forum is a Q & A session open to anybody but don't try and learn the business by asking semi-relevant basic questions with which you haven't possibly yet had any real-life experience, so try and use the search facility instead, please!

Try answering my "Question Time" thread and see what you might be up against!