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27-06-2011, 15:29 PM

I was renting a room to a professional female, there was no contract only a verbal exchange.

She moved out one day without any notice and i didnt know if i was in my rights to withhold any or part deposit for her not cleaning or giving me notice.

Since then her Father has written to my Father after searching his details on the electrol role (pathetic i feel as im 30 yrs old) demanding the deposit back, stating what he believes to be 'home truths' about my attitude to his daughter, all of which are lies (she was critical about how she turned on the tv...erm no i showed her how sky worked!) :(devil):and he is grasping at straws by complaining that the property is near a train line and she suffered sleep deprivation because of it... not sure how relevant this is as she viewed the room before moving in.

Where do I stand in regards to the deposit should I pay it back in full or can I withhold part due to lack of notice that was verbally agreed?

Thanks in advance

27-06-2011, 15:32 PM
What did your verbal agreement state with regards to damages and repairs? Do you have some sort of schedule to demonstrate what the property was like prior to move in? Do you have any correspondence at all regarding terms?

27-06-2011, 15:52 PM

The verbal agreement was purely 'months notice, leave the place clean'

I assume I have no rights to withhold the deposit and to be honest im more angry with the letter received that seems very childish and petty.

27-06-2011, 15:59 PM
If you received no notice you could try and hold some back for that, if the place is plainly in an untenant like condition you could also try and hold some back for that. The issue that arises is that it's difficult to prove either way.

27-06-2011, 16:08 PM
Was the deposit protected and do you have pictures of before and after her tenancy? Do you live there as well making her a lodger?

27-06-2011, 16:21 PM
I live there as its my home and she was renting a room.

The room isnt in a bad state its more than its dusty and the en-suite is unclean, toilet stains and dirty shower that i spent a few hours cleaning etc.

Her father is claiming that she suffered sleep deprivation as the property is near a train line and there is a goods train (occasionally) that woke her up. Im not sure how relevant that is as noone else in the block seems to be walking around like a sleep deprived zombie.

Im also not sure why he felt the need to write to my father at his home address and tell him all this.

27-06-2011, 16:36 PM
Well I guess he sounds desperate and writing to your father is just him meddling in business that doesn't concern him. Has she contacted you? Has she claimed sleep deprivation? What has it got to do with him? The agreement was between you and his daughter. Other members will be more knowledgeable but I think you need to have a clear understanding of what notice was expected before witholding any of the deposit. And if you do decide to with hold any you have to state why.