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14-05-2005, 17:28 PM
Okay so bought a place 18 months ago that I did up for Buy to Let. Employed a letting agent to get tennant and sort out paperwork but manage it myself. The house is only 3 doors down the road and the tennants seem very nice. They were set up on a six month AST which if I am correct was led to believe is ongoing. Now the tennat made it clear they were looking for a long term rent which was ideal as it was a long term investment. They have been in for over 15 months and have spent quite a lot decorating the house to their choice which I have said is fine.
But they want the house to look as if their own and are asking about tarmaccing the drive and new front door, new fence to look nice (old one is okay) and new internal doors. I have said that I will do any structural work that needs doing but at this moment do not want or have the money to do the drive or door etc. They have said they would not mind paying for some of these jobs which I am not happy about.
My question really is I have said that I am looking at the property as long term but who knows what the future brings and if I did need to sell would offer it to them first. Does the tennant have any rights to get the house cheaper if they have lived there for a period of time if so what? As I say they are on a AST contract, are the tennants thinking if they do work to the house it will give them better rights if they wanted to buy?
Should I worry or just think myself lucky that I have such good tennants who respect my property.

The most awkward part is that she is only 3 doors away

14-05-2005, 18:09 PM
Thin end of the wedge mate! What will it be next?

At the end of the day, they took the property as is. No doubt your ast states that no alterations should be made without landlords written permission.

Don't be frightened of your tenants. A bit of a paint job or planned maintenance/upgrade of old premises is one thing, but rebuilding is another. I wouldn't let them do anything themselves. They won't be insured if anything goes wrong and if damage is done, they'll be off leaving you to clear up. Plus, if they spend money, they'll be wanting it back off you when they leave, or taking the stuff they paid for with them.

Or you could allow it, saying you want it returned to its original condition at the end of the lease, but I bet they won't spend the money to do so.

I was showing a flat last week where the prospective tenant said he wanted to retile the (pristine) bathroom. I told him no.

Since you appear to have an AST, they won't gain any more property rights by decorating. In fact, if they do any works to the house without your written permission, they will no doubt be breaking the terms of the lease.

Don't trust the longterm promise too much either. They no doubt only have to give you one month's notice.

14-05-2005, 18:40 PM
Everything they do including painting they ask my permission first.
The last place they were at they wre their for 9 years and even put a new kitchen in themselves which they left when they moved out. I almost believe I do have the perfect tennant but of course of wary when they talk about wanting new fence done which is not actually our boundary and discussed payting themselves which I told them was not happy with. All along I have always said when move out must put back in original state unless in better condition than was when moved in.

14-05-2005, 20:03 PM
Well - it is your decision in the end, but if you let them do some of the jobs that they want to do to a standard and specification approved by you at their expense then they have more incentive to remain long term. Just make it clear that if they decide to leave they will not be able to take their improvements with them. Don't forget that a long tem tenant means no voids and no agents fees to pay for ages which can make a difference to your net rental income.


15-05-2005, 19:32 PM
A tenant who wants to undertake large capital expenditure on a house he doesn't own, has no security of occupation, and is not entitled to any financial assistance or return of his money is either crazy, an idiot, or has more money than sense! If he has that much money why doesn't he buy a place?

If you as landlord start agreeing to his requests, make it VERY clear that you will:-

not compensate him
not promise security of tenure
not offer him a new long-term lease
allow him to do any improvements/alteration without your express written premission, provide a complete schedule of works, pay for any planning application fees, etc.etc

If he stays there for a long time then fine, but don't change your AST to suit HIM, because you will then lose control which is a BIG MISTAKE.

18-05-2005, 10:00 AM
It's tenant