View Full Version : tenants employer paying tenants rent

12-05-2005, 20:06 PM
i have just advertised my home for rent and have been asked by an employer unfamiliar to me if i would let my home to his employee.the employer will pay bond and rent but what forms do i need them to fill in.this is my first private let and would it be worth asking for all rent in advance

12-05-2005, 22:05 PM
There is nothing wrong with an employer paying rent for an employee - but your contract must be with said employee! So you interview the employee, credit check him, check his references and get him to sign your AST. If his employer then pays the rent in accordance with your requirements - fair enough. This however must be an arrangement between said employee and employer. Your only involvement is to accept the money, and if it is paid late or not at all your redress is with the employee who is your tenant.

Best of luck with your first letting. If you are studying the contents of this board then you are certainly doing something right!


Andy Parker
12-05-2005, 22:35 PM
I would ask the employer to become the guarantor as the employee/employer relationship might not last the term of the tenancy.

14-05-2005, 11:20 AM
I don't want to be a killjoy but anyone who is letting out a property for the first time and doesn't know what to do really does need specialist advice before entering into the "unknown".