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29-09-2006, 11:37 AM
I moved into rented accomodation on 8th Septemeber, and the Agent so far has witheld a copy of the tenancy agreement from me. I have made repeated requests for a copy of the tenancy agreement but i am getting nowhere.

Please Help

Stephen Carr

29-09-2006, 11:52 AM
If you have no tenancy agreement (I assumed you originally signed one) then write to the agent advising them that as you have no official written notification as to the landlord's U.K. contact address. you will withold your rent until this, and a copy of the lease bearing the landlord's or agent's signature is provided.
Check back from advice from those more qualified to answere this one than me, but it is what I would do!


29-09-2006, 12:19 PM
Thanks for your reply, yes i did orignally sign an agreement. Is it a major problem if we dont have a copy?

29-09-2006, 13:16 PM
Thanks for your reply, yes i did orignally sign an agreement. Is it a major problem if we dont have a copy?

It's not a major problem in that it doesn't take away any of your rights and obligations however it's good to have so you atcually know what your obligations would be.

29-09-2006, 15:21 PM
It can be vecome a problem if there is a dispute over the deposit.

As P Pilcher says, you are legally entitled to have the agreement woth the LLs address on. If you don't have the address, you cannot sue for your deposit back.

PP also correct in that you can withhold rent until you have this document with the address on.


29-09-2006, 17:24 PM
It can be vecome a problem if there is a dispute over the deposit.And with that issue in mind, make sure you also ask at the same time for a copy of the inventory which you signed on moving in (did you sign one?)

03-10-2006, 13:25 PM
Thanks for your reply. No i have not got a copy of the inventory. But today there has been an even more alarming problem for me. I have posted on another page about how i couldnt move into a property due to a massive error by letting agents. i was assured that when they found us another property owned by same landlord that the date would be the same. I believe that the contract signed provided for a period of occupation of 302 days, and was assured the moving out date would be 8th july 2007. However i have just recevied the tenancy agreement and a notice to quit for 8th JUne 2007. I have phoned them up to complain and they are not helping in the slightest, and say that we have signed for 273 days. This is a problem as it falls right in the middle of my exams.

Please Help


03-10-2006, 18:17 PM
You appear to be a student so somebody within the Uni should be able to help you; otherwise contact the local housing officer at the council or the CAB. Your last post is not easy to understand about the different dates.

You are entitled to have a copy of your tenancy agreement otherwise how are you expected to comply with its conditions? If you have written to the agent asking for this try demanding a copy, and tell him you won't be bound by the tenancy until you do have a copy.

You can also make a written request to the agent under Section 1 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 and they must give you the landlord's name & address within 21 days or they are committing a criminal offence. You can then write to the landlord and tell them the type of agent you are dealing with.