View Full Version : Can you estimate cleaning costs for 3-bed house?

21-09-2006, 08:06 AM
Can anyone please give me a rough estimate of cleaning costs for a small 3 bed house. I mean 2 box rooms, unfurnished, no windows cleaning or cookers etc. I know it may be hard to guess but I am sure there are probably some LL's out there that will be able to give me a rough estimate.
1 kitchen
1 lounge
3 bed 2 box rooms
1 bathroom
and stairs/landing
Carpets only to the upper floor.

I would really appreciate the help. thanks in advance.

21-09-2006, 09:00 AM
Not enough detail, and frankly this might not be your best bet. Massive differences depending on location, so your best bet would be to phone round various cleaning companies in the area and get them to give you an estimate over the phone. They will be able to ask you all the relevant questions so you can get an idea that is reasonable for your area, for what you want done and for what condition the place is in. That'll be more accurate than what you'd get from this site, I reckon.

21-09-2006, 09:33 AM
I will ring around too , I was just after a rough figure say 7 quid an hour the going rate here
for a basic clean, hoover, dust, wipe down etc, nothing major, just wondered if someone who had asked a tennat for an amount could help, I roughly guess 8 hours as a max and being generous, any views for anyone.

21-09-2006, 09:59 AM
There is no standard answer. The following variables (not exhaustive) dictate how much cleaning is required:
pets, smokers, drug takers, children, clumsiness, kitchen usage, personal hygiene dot dot dot
Multiplied by the type of furnishings, something with lots of carpet, fabrics, curtains, will require more effort than bare floors, wicker and Formica. Limescale on sanitary fittings will also add to the mix.

I could go on and on.

Trouble is, have you already vacated the property?

21-09-2006, 10:42 AM
Yes thanks Poppy, my ex LL is claiming 96 hours of cleaning,!!!! I left the house very very clean, only carpets and curtains upstairs, we had a cat but I assure you no hairs, LL claims all carpets covered in hairs and has had to replace them all!!! I know its just my word against his but I feel his charges are totally unreasonable. I am willing to pay for a halogen bulb and 1 days cleaning only, (even though it grates me as i left the place in a better condition than when I took it on)

21-09-2006, 10:55 AM
When we have had to pay this up in Newcastle, for a similar sized property, it has been around £150-160. But as Poppy states, it will totally depend on the state of the property, and the exact property itself. But this may give you a ballpark figure.

21-09-2006, 16:34 PM
Ours for a flatin Worthing consisting of large lounge, master bedroom, second bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and utility room worked out at £180 when absolutely filthy and £150 for routine cleaning (including carpets)

Had a team of five working through the property very quickly.

Standard of cleaning was very good

21-09-2006, 17:20 PM
We once rented a house and had it professionally cleaned at the end. LL withheld all our deposit for cleaning. Went to see the agent (local estate agent) with the bills we had paid etc. Needed to argue but we did get it all back in the end.

23-09-2006, 13:40 PM
If a professional check out had been done, all cleaning would be in the report, and sometimes an estimate on how many hours cleaning and the type -light general clean and wipe or full clean. How many tenants do I speak to that have previously been ripped of on the cleaning bill, its worth paying for a check out, it could save loads of money. I also suggest having a professional oven clean before vacating as most ovens are appalling. Another are where I am quite fussy in my check out is in the bathroom, the skirting boards and doors are a big tell sign on how the tenant has treated the property too. :)