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19-09-2006, 21:08 PM
i currently am in the process of moving to another property owned by my landlord as the one i am in is in very bad need of repair. i have an electric cooker and informed him of this and of my need for a cooker point for this, he assured me that there was one as there was already an old cooker that was both gas and electric. he has now had the old cooker removed and there is no cooker supply at all and he has told me that he will not pay for the electric cooker point as there is a gas cooker point but this is untrue as the gas pipe that was connected to the old cooker has been capped and there is no gas outlet. i am very annoyed at the fact that i informed him i needed an electric cooker point and now he refuses to supply one. is there anything i can do?

19-09-2006, 22:17 PM
I THINK in this situation that you are entitled to the same amenities as you had in the previous property(someone correct me if I am wrong!). If this is the case, then you could write to him saying that if one is not installed within 7 days you will get one installed and deduct from the rent. And then do this. But please await clarification from others!

19-09-2006, 22:25 PM
Unfortunately most cookers that require both gas and electric supplies only require a small amount of electricity to run timers and lights thus the electric supply available would have been insufficient to run your electric cooker. Installing such a supply is now an expensive business because part P certification is required. Your landlord has also had the gas cooker removed because it will have to be checked annually under the Corgi regulations - another expensive exercise! If there is a gas meter in the house and there is a capped gas pipe near the cooker position, then there is gas available to run a cooker so you have three alternatives:

Contact your local friendly environmental health department to see if they can insist your landlord provides you wilh cooking facilities.
Obtain and have fitted your own gas cooker - legislation does not oblige a landlord to get a tenant's own gas appliances Corgi certificated.
Look for a more obliging landlord in another property.

If you take option i) your current landlord may well consider evicting you anyway.


I was writing this as Mr. Shed was posting so I would add in regard to his comments that he may well be correct but you still run the risk of being evicted by being given 2 months notice.