View Full Version : Renewing a Scottish SAT

alan c
14-09-2006, 13:01 PM
I downloaded the Scottish AST from landlord zone, and the 6 month and 2 day tenancy has actually lapsed...yes, slapped wrists, i know!

Does anyone know what the position is?
Do i have to do a new AT5 document and then SAT backdated from the expiry date of the first agreement, or can i just do it from now, and not worry about the gap in the tenancy agreement?

The AT5 doc looks like it also says that after the initial tenancy, the length of the following tenancy can be less than 6 months. If so, i take it i can still make it for 6 months anyway?

Any help much appreciated


15-09-2006, 10:52 AM
Easiest way is just to let the tenancy run on – known as “periodic tenancy” the terms etc remain the same as the original SAT ie. 2 months notice to quit from either party (depends on the agreements originally used).

Its often perceived that after 6 months you need extensions, your normally told this by an agent as they can charge anything from £30-£60 + Vat for it!

alan c
16-09-2006, 22:34 PM
is this ok even though there is no mention of what happens at the end of the SAT?
do i need to inform the tenant of what the position is now, or just leave it be?