View Full Version : freeholder threatening tenants

09-09-2006, 18:18 PM
the freeholder, in a building i have one flat in, this afternoon turned up and started harassing and threatening both my and other tenants - eg demanding entry with no notice, breaking locks, disposing of belongings in communal storage areas, forbidding use of shared garden etc. i do not yet have the full details from my tenants, but the others are calling the police and making statements.

what should i do next? i cannot contact my solicitor until monday, and the freeholder has obviously gone mad. any advice please.

09-09-2006, 23:31 PM
let the police deal with it. it is harassment and the person who is harassing would be in trouble it is definitely illegal. we do not live in a jungle, there are steps everyone has to take.
on Monday speak to the police and get full details or get a statement from the tenants and then you can take action.