View Full Version : Tenant not reporting problems

05-09-2006, 23:33 PM
Hi, grateful for some advice. My tenant did not inform my agent of a leaky washing machine and I would guess from the damage that it has been leaking for approx 4 - 5 months. I only found out about it because the neighbouring tenant complained about damp coming through to his property. My agent informed me that he inspected the property recently and saw no cause for concern and there were no signs of damp. However the walls are now black with damp to approximately 1m high, the adjacent wall is wet up to the height of the wall units, the plaster is wet and coming off the walls and the floor was soaking wet. It took my plumber less than 5 minutes to locate the leak (which you could hear dripping as soon as you entered the room!) and fix it!

I guess the tenant did not inform the agent as he is on the only leaseholder but he has 3 other people living in this small one-bedroom flat, however due to this he has now caused a LOT of damage.

What I would like to know is who would be responsible for the cost of the repairs - it is not general wear and tear and he was negligent in not informing the agent of the problem when it was first noticed.

My agent will deal the issue of the extra lodgers.

Many thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give.