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03-09-2006, 13:11 PM
I currently live in a rented property which i have been renting for just over 12 months..I rent it of a rental agency. Whilst I have been in the property I have always paid my rent on time by standing order £450.00 per calander month but I have had numerous problems.
Firstly, when we moved in they said various jobs would be carried out...this included lights at the top of the stairs, which the former tenant or owner had removed and just left wires coming from the ceiling, a new oven as the old one wasn't working, door handles to be replaced upstairs, which again none was on when i moved into the property, new shower as the one which was in did not work. After a lot of telephone calls I eventually got the shower done and the oven...the lights and door handles have yet to be done!
Anyway after me living in the property for about 3 months the toilet wouldn't flush, I called them and reported it, after daily phone calls for about 4 weeks the sent some guy around who said it needed a part and would be back in a couple of days, 3 weeks later he returned fitted the part and left (whilst myself and my husband was out at work). When we returned from work and inspected the job he had fitted the part but the flushing handle was hanging off and we had to repair this at our own cost. After the initial 6 months tenancy was up we heard nothing so just assumed it went to a continuous tenancy which it did say in our original contract, two months later we get a letter stating that they was coming to do the 6 monthly inspection and for us to sign a new tenancy at a cost to ourselves of £165.00 (£40 for the inspection and £125.00 for the new tenancy). We had not been made aware of this when we first signed the tenancy. We paid the £165.00 and signed the new 6 month tenancy, they did the inspection and noted down all repairs which still needed to be done and the lady told me they would definately be done which included the toilet which had now come away from the wall. I phoned the company numerous times without success of getting any of the repairs done the toilet developed a leak which after numerous phone calls and emails with photos they eventually repaired. Anyway sorry if this is so long but I want to state everything..The roof has now in disrepair a few tiles have lifted causing the facia boards under the gutter to warp and this is hanging off...also I got up this morning and the toilet is leaking again through the living room ceiling...i've got the neighbour next door complaing about the roof as water is getting into his house now. What can I do to get this company to the jobs and by the way I had arranged 2 months ago to sign the new 6 month contract and have another inspection done at a cost of £165.00 but they never turned up so at the moment there is no contract in place.
Any help would be appreciated.

03-09-2006, 14:36 PM
Write to the letting agent(and landlord if you have his address) stating that you expect all outstanding repairs to be completed within 7 days, and that if they do not you shall deduct money from the rent. If they do not, then get 2 or 3 estimates for each repair, get the repairs done, and deduct the cost from your rent. Send the letting agent COPIES of the receipts. This is called your right of offset.

03-09-2006, 15:39 PM
Thanks for your reply...One problem, yes I could do this but can't really afford to pay out my own pocket so this would mean having to wait until the rent is due again at the end of the month which is when I get paid.

03-09-2006, 23:12 PM
You can wait as long as you like to get the repairs done, but this way, at least they will be done!