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29-08-2006, 13:41 PM
Hi there,

Please could someone tell me what I could expect to pay, on average, for a gas safety certificate for a 2 bedroom flat with gas central heating. I think there may be a gas oven as well - would that be covered in the certificate or extra?

Also can anyone tell me the rules re electricity safety cert - is this yearly? What might I expect to pay for this? I read somewhere that you need one of these "per appliance" - does this really mean you need a certificate for e.g. oven, fridge, washing machine, lights etc., etc. - or does one certificate cover the lot?

Sorry to ask so many basic questions but I'm new to this. Any tips or pointers to where I can find out more would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

29-08-2006, 14:18 PM
All will be revealed by looking in the archives of this forum, eg try this search:

29-08-2006, 14:34 PM
Try a company called Gas-elec, they charge £65 for a gas safety certificate and £65 for electrical or if both combined £120 or thereabouts.