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24-08-2006, 18:03 PM
Hi there,

Can anyone help me with filling out the Warrant details section of a N325 form (Request for warrant of Possession of Land) as my tenant still hasnt moved out even though possession date has passed.

This is what it says under Section 4 Warrant details :

1. Balance due at the date of this request = I presume this is amount of outsanding judgement?
2. Amount for which warrant to issue = this is the same as 1 isnt it?
3. Issue Fee = is this the cost of this application ie £95?
4. Solicitor's costs = I presume if I fill this out myself this will be blank?
5. Land Registry fee = what do I put here?
6. The sum due after the warrant is paid will be = what does this mean????

I have looked on hmcourtservice website but couldnt find anything relating to N325, so would appreciate anyones help on this matter.

Many thanks

24-08-2006, 21:41 PM
1. yes
2. Yes (this is put in because the defendant might have paid something off the original judgment - the court needs to know what is still outstanding)
3. Yes
4. Yes - you can only put a solicitors fee if you have a solicitor applying for you in which case the fee is fixed under the CPR
5. Unless you have been ordered to produce a land registry report, or a report is required by the relevant protocol - you will not have incurred this fee - leave that space blank.
6. You only need to put a figure in here if you are issuing for part of the money you are owed - i.e. you fill in at a) £1000 and you issue warrant for £900 at b) - the difference is £100 which is what you would put in this box - as you have already told me that the A and B figures are the same, you can ignore this box.

That help you?

Good luck with it.

26-07-2010, 11:18 AM
hello. im on my final leg of evicting my tenant, can you please advise me what i should fill in ' describe the land......'

regards utopia