View Full Version : Sublet - Licence?

05-07-2006, 00:18 AM
I have rented one property on AST - 12 months. The property has 4 rooms and living room. I have subleted the property so there are 8 people living there at the moment. I am trying to find out where do I stand as far as the law is concerned. Do I need a special licence? Where can I get some info about this. Somone told me that the council can cause some problems if I do not get the licence. What is this all this fuss about the licence Am I am in any risk here? Please advise as not sure who to ask. The house hsa ground floor and the frist floor - two levels. I was informed that the licencing law onlhy applys to 3 story flats/house. Is this true?
Regards Peter.

susan 2
05-07-2006, 10:59 AM
The easiest way to get an answer to this problem, is to ring the council. You do not have to give your real name. I rang mine and said I was thinking of buying a house with possible licence problems and could they advise me what the position would be. They were very helpful and did not ask for the address or any other details. ( I expect they have many landlords doing this!). That way you will be able to find out what your council are doing, as different councils seem to have different views.