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12-04-2010, 15:52 PM
Hiya, i am looking for a Private Landlord in the Scarborough area and was wondering if there is a place where there are contact details for anyone or is it just a case of waiting and looking in the papers/shops etc.

Also myself and my partner have a ccj dating back to 2008 which shows on our credit report as settled, what problems would this bring us when looking for a rented property as some agents are saying that theres is no chance any landlord would take us with a ccj settled or not. We are no longer in any kind of debt as we have grown up alot and paid the price of debt!!

Any help would be greatly received

12-04-2010, 15:54 PM
Are you trying:
a. to trace one specific individual; or
b. to find any L willing to let to you?

12-04-2010, 15:55 PM
Just trying to find any private landlords in the scarborough area, plus a bit of advice about the ccjs

12-04-2010, 16:27 PM
If the debt was settled, why is the CCJ entry still there? Obtain a Certificate of Satisfaction and have the entry removed.

12-04-2010, 16:32 PM
I think it is probably Jeffrey's option b and thus I am assuming that needahomeplz is having difficulty in renting a property as he/she has outstanding ccj's which adversley affect his/her credit rating and thus agents are not prepared to offer properties.
I think that needahomeplz needs to realise that the law gives substantial protection against eviction to any tenant who is given an assured shorthold tenancy agreement. Should a tenant, on moving in fail to pay any more rent then the landlord has to wait until his tenant is overdue by two months before court action can be commenced, then there will be a delay of a further month at least before a court hearing can be obtained which a clever tenant can frustrate then there will be a further month or so before a bailiff can be engaged to evict the tenant. Over this three or four months the landlord will be obliged to continue paying his mortgage and repair the property. Finally, the landlord may well have to repair and redecorate his property before a new (hopefully rent paying) tenant can be found - this costs as well. Thus, the cost of taking on such a tenant can be several thousand pounds to a landlord. Is it any wonder that most landlords are very choosey as to the sort of tenant that they accept!
Although this CCJ has been discharged, the above has to be borne in mind when trying to find a landlord who will accept you. Some landlords do advertise in the local press and you have got to be proactive when speaking to these people. Can you offer a guarantor? Can you offer six months rent in advance? Can you offer a good landlord's reference?
You will read elsewhere on this board of the "professional tenant" who cost landlords a fortune which is why you are having trouble. Now you know why, you can try and address the problems!