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12-04-2010, 13:02 PM
Hi, on March 22, we talked to our landlord about ending the tenancy, and we told her that we just started looking for a place, and we were interested in one in particular and if everything worked out we would like to move out on April 10. but we needed her approval in order for us take the other apartment. We asked her if it was fine to end the tenancy with a two weeks notice.(our contract of 6 months was due to end on May 21) She said it was fine and she was also going to give us back the money for the two weeks of April. About 3 days after having this conversation with her, our landlord told us that she didn't realize that the contract was ending on may 21st, so she was going to think about it. By this point we already made the deposit to the other house in order to secure it. One day (Friday 9th) before moving out we approached her to ask about her decision, she said she would tell us on Monday because she need to talk to her lawyers to see what her options were. Now we are stuck, we already made the deposit for the other house which we lost and she wants us to pay an extra month and two weeks of rent.

What are our options??

12-04-2010, 13:16 PM
you are contractually obliged to pay the rent up to the end of the fixed period (21st may)If you leave after that date then the AST will become a statuary periodic tenancy which means you will then have to give a months notice ending at the last day of the rental period.

12-04-2010, 13:45 PM
Can we use the deposit (one month) to pay the month that still remains until 21st of May?