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07-04-2010, 10:18 AM

As a landlord, I have received a court order for possession of my property and the date of the order has elapsed (used the section 21 accelerated possession procedure). The tenant has not been seen for months, leaving owing 2 months rent for the last 2 months of the initial tenancy agreement and causing about £3k of damage that needs repairing. She has also left all of her belongings (clothes, furniture etc) in the property. Now that I have a court order saying that possession is mine again, what are my rights regarding her belongings she has left behind? She has had about 4 months to move her stuff since I gave her notice that court action would be taken and not done it. I want to get the place refurbished so I can re-let and don't have anywhere to store her things (if I even have to).

She didn't even attend the hearing when the court granted the possession order to me. As the defendant she was also made liable for the court fees, but as I don't know where she has gone, I cannot claim these from her. What can I do?


mind the gap
07-04-2010, 10:28 AM
The short answer is that there is a process to be gone through before you dispose of any of her stuff, however unlikely it seems to you that she will return. Read this thread and the links given by Beeber (#3) and others, carefully!