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04-04-2010, 20:58 PM
Hi, I'm a tenant and at the moment I have no cold water supply, toilet etc, I'm wondering how long this is reasonable.

The heating in the flat stopped 4 weeks ago. The first plumber told the landlord that the boiler needed replacing, but he wanted a second plumber's opinion, then more quotes etc. So far, 4 weeks without heating.

Then the hot water stopped - it's 10 days now with no hot water. But, I have been able to live with this - boiling water on the stove to wash with etc.

Unfortunately, when the hot water packed in, it started also to leak water on the flat below. The plumber's not been able to stop this and so now they've cut off the water supply completely. I therefore can't use the toilets, wash myself or really cook/wash up, use the washing machine etc.

The agent has promised since the heating died that it'll all be fixed 'next week'.

I've kind of reached the end of my teather with the cold water stopping. I can not vacate the flat according to my contract for another 7 weeks (I can only leave on the 25th of a month and need to give a month's notice to that date).

How long is it reasonable to be left with no running cold water for? What are my options?

mind the gap
04-04-2010, 21:36 PM
This is dreadful. It is completely unacceptable for you to be without running water for more than a few hours and four weeks is too long for any tenant to be without heating or 10 days without hot water.

Contact your LL urgently (now, if possible) and tell him that he is in serious breach of his statutory repairing obligations. He is breaking the law, in other words. (He is required by law to ensure you have running water, the means to heat space and water and to wash yourself, and a working toilet. It is a serious health risk not to be able to flush your toilet or to wash). Tell him you wish to terminate the contract with immediate effect or that he should house you elsewhere at his own expense until the situation in your flat is sorted out. Advise him that if he does not agree to this, you will be left with no option but to move out and report him to the Environmental Health Officer at your local council. Then do it. The EHO should visit as a matter of urgency and require your LL to comply with his statutory repairing obligations.

It also sounds as though you would have a good case for suing your LL and receiving compensation for the unacceptable conditions you have been forced to live in. When is the next date on which your rent falls due?

Are you in telephone or email contact with your LL, or just with his agent?

04-04-2010, 21:48 PM
How long is it reasonable to be left with no running cold water for? What are my options?

Well, there is no specific answer to this question, but in practice the answer is not very long and, I would suggest, must less than 10 days. It seems as though you have a very strong case to insist that the problem is rectified immediately. If you were to apply for an order for specific performance compelling your landlord to restore your water supply I think that there is little doubt you would be successful, assuming that to do so is in his or her control.

Good luck!

Pelican eats pigeon
05-04-2010, 22:06 PM
I would think anything more than 48 hours would be considered extremely unreasonable and that only in the event of a major problem beyond anybody's control (i.e. major pipe burst with no warning).

Considering the situation you've had, I don't think any length of time is reasonable at all and that you should certainly receive compensation both for the period without hot water and more substantial compensation for the current period without cold water. I would call the council's private housing team ASAP and make it abundantly clear to them how unhappy you are.

mind the gap
06-04-2010, 09:10 AM
I think it is really tough to be with cold water for days it is harmful and tough run your routine with a cold water...

I sense a bout of spam coming on from the above incoherent poster...:rolleyes:

06-04-2010, 11:49 AM
I am renting a two bed flat which I have been in for just 4 weeks.

Our Electric Boiler tripped out last friday morning which sounded like it totally blew, so I rang our landlord.

She said she'd get someone out, was obv worried about it being a bank holiday.

It is now Tuesday and we still have no hot water? The landlord says she mite be able to get someone out today?

But surely she should have got someone out alot sooner even if it was over a bank holiday ppl are still on call arent they??

I notified her we could not bath my boyfriends 4 year old son also??