View Full Version : Agent not paying my rent

01-04-2010, 15:12 PM
I have a property in London. Using a letting agent to rent my property. Agent is not paying my rent in time and for last month though they were supposed to pay me after 10th >>did not yet get my payment as of today. called several time but each time getting a different answer e.g. may be sam forgot to pay. I am calling ever day or alternative day from 15 th of last month and still nothing happening. (but they acknowledged that the tenant paid the rent)
What can I do now. I know it sound early , but i dont want to end up with a worse situation.
Please advice.

01-04-2010, 15:14 PM
What does the written Agency Agreement say about A's release of rent to L?

04-04-2010, 13:29 PM
i suggest that you change agent to manage your property,

04-04-2010, 13:34 PM
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