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mark Dawkes
26-03-2010, 14:34 PM
Hi, hope someone can advise me. Should I let or not? I'm letting my former home to a new tenant. I've previously rented it for 4 years or so with absolutely no problems. This potential tenant, whilst a lovely middle aged lady with grown up kids, has a recent CCJ lodged against her. She didn't mention it prior to me running the credit check. When I asked, she said it would be paid as the sale of her house was imminent. She didn't explain what the CCJ was for and I didn't ask further. I've seen bank statements and salary slips. I've seen her picture on her employer's website. What would you do?

26-03-2010, 15:20 PM
This is a lady who has not paid what she should, and tried to hide it from you. Why do you think she would not do the same to you?

26-03-2010, 15:47 PM
You say this is a recent CCJ - how do you know there are not more to come and there is also the possibility that she already has debts that have not been followed up?

I would give her a miss.


26-03-2010, 17:10 PM
I always ask applicants to tell me if there's anything in their credit history that I should know before I do the check, and that if I do, and I find stuff that was not declared, they'd be highly unlikely to get the property.

It usually works. They either don't apply or they own up. If they own up, I ask for details of the debt etc. and make an informed judgement.

If this person did not declare it, or lied in her application form, then "bargepole" comes to mind. You need to start this on the right footing.

Have you taken references directly from the employer? for all you know, she may be on her way out....

26-03-2010, 17:18 PM
Another vote for no. Regardless of the lady's lovely personality, and apparent employment, she clearly cannot manage her finances. When someone receives a CCJ, if they clear the debt within 30 days it will not be recorded in their credit history; this means she has had plenty of time to pay off the debt but either cannot or will not pay - either way, it indicates that the same thing could well happen again when it comes to paying rent.

26-03-2010, 17:20 PM
no and no (does that count as 2 votes?)

mark Dawkes
30-03-2010, 20:36 PM
Thanks everybody, for all your advice.