View Full Version : If a T is evicted through the courts...

24-03-2010, 15:05 PM
will they then have a CCJ against them?

24-03-2010, 15:32 PM
Not necessarily. What people colloquially call a 'County Court Judgment' is in fact an entry on the Register of unsatisfied County Court Judgments.
This pre-supposes that:
a. L has obtained a money judgment against T; and
b. T has not paid it.

24-03-2010, 18:29 PM
And usually a possession order obtained through a S8 hearing will carry a court order for money (i.e. a judgment or CCJ) for outstanding rent and costs.

That too is entered on the aforesaid register.

Note that S21 possession proceedings carry no award of a CCJ - its possession only though there might be an award for costs (i.e. summons fee) usually.