View Full Version : Must L warn T in advance before entering/inspecting premises?

21-03-2010, 11:43 AM
I remember reading somewhere that a landlord should give 24hrs advance notice in writing before he may enter the property for inspection of for any other reason. Is this still applicable and if so, where can I find confirmation of this?

mind the gap
21-03-2010, 14:52 PM
The agreed arrangements for access should be described in the Tenancy Agreement. What does it say on the subject? The usual agreement is that the LL may access the property with 24 hours written notice except in a life-and-death emergency, e.g fire or flood, but if a T refuses consent for this the LL can only enforce it by obtaining a court order.

Are you a landlord or a tenant?

(By the way, this is wrong forum - please post future questions about tenancies in the Residential Lettings section. Thanks!).

mind the gap
21-03-2010, 18:11 PM
Sorry - just to clarify the 'fire and flood' situation : a LL can access the property in dire emergencies without consent, but must obtain consent otherwise.