View Full Version : No inventory list?

16-03-2010, 13:34 PM
Hello again,

Long post, I am sorry!

My 1st question:
my house was offered as part furnished. It contained a sofa table and two beds. All items are still in my property although I have stored them away as I used my own stuff. So, before I move out I put them back into place. However I have never seen an inventory list, neither signed one. As far as I understand it from the legal texts this would mean these items do not exist (not lierary though :rolleyes:). My question is: the sofa table has a few stains. I cleaned it thoroughly but the stains remain. Can my LL make me pay the table? I have asked the letting agency for an inventory list but never heard back from them. Technically I would not have to pay for damages to an inventory item when I never had a list. Am I right here?

My 2nd question:
My bond is £400,-. I was wondering if my LL deducts all damages (minor wear and tear but you never know!) and the £400,- do not cover all costs. Must i pay the outstanding amount above the bond?

Thanks for reading!