View Full Version : Inspection Report withheld until repairs completed

11-03-2010, 17:47 PM
Has any other Landlord come across this practice.
I am the Landlord of a property which is currently fully managed by a local LA. I was informed last week that there was a leak in the bedroom at the property, and following this discovery the LA organised for a contractor to visit the property and provide a quote for the necessary work. After being quite concerned I spoke to the contractor who told me exactly where the leak was and what damage it was causing. (I also found out that the LA always added a fee to the invoice before forwarding it on to the Landlord)

My Management Agreement states that the property will be inspected every 3 months and a written report will be sent (this report was due 28.02.09) after informing the LA that I hadn't received a report I was told that the property had been inspected and that the LA had reported a leak and that I would only receive a written report when the repairs had been completed.
Can the LA do this, I can't see what they are to gain by this.

11-03-2010, 19:11 PM
I can't give you an answer regarding your report - BUT - adding a percentage to contractors fee is a common practice amongst agencies. This is acceptable if it is shown in the agency agreement, however if it is not shown, it is a secret profit, which is against common law.