View Full Version : Residential Landlords in Bristol/South West UK

10-03-2010, 17:17 PM
I'd really like to pick the brains of residential landlords in Bristol/South West of England if you have 2 mins to spare.

Please contact me if you do.

10-03-2010, 20:08 PM
Yes, but are you a fully qualified brain surgeon?

mind the gap
10-03-2010, 20:22 PM
Ha! I like it.

Hmmm. Translation of #1 : I am a Bristol-based letting agent touting for custom in the S.W. Please contact me so I can bombard you with spam?

10-03-2010, 21:04 PM
haha i agree MTG!

10-03-2010, 21:52 PM
Yes the rental market is over-priced.

No,most of the available property is for students, anything else is in poor condition and costs too much.

No, there isnt any 'good' areas to live in, anything affordable is in areas with high crime and deprivation issues.

No, the wage is average, yet rental prices are above average so it isnt an affordable place to live.

Yes, there has been a high percentage of LA going bust and ripping off.

No, there is a high percentage of 'dodgy' landlords.

No, there is no support from the Councils to either tenants or LL leaving both to the mercies of bad tenants or LLs

Anything else?