View Full Version : Notice period and rent payable

09-03-2010, 19:56 PM
I have given my tenants 2 months notice as I am selling my property.

The tenants have asked do they have to stay the 2 months or can they leave early.

Can I insist that they have to stay so I get 2 months rent or can they leave after 1 months notice has expired.

I would prefer them to stay as I am still getting rent.

09-03-2010, 21:22 PM
If they are still in the fixed term, they can leave without notice at the end of the tenancy, or by providing notice appropriate to any break clauses you have.

Alternatively, if they are now in a statutory periodic tenancy, they can give one month's notice, ending at the end of a rent period. This may be sooner than the date you put on the S.21 notice.

Generally speaking, I would say it's easier to sell a property if no-one's living in it. I'd let them leave when they want to.

10-03-2010, 11:02 AM
Post #2 is correct, but (if you're selling with vacant possession) do not exchange contracts until T has vacated.