View Full Version : Former landlord owes me money for Holding deposit 5 years ago.Can I claim money back?

06-03-2010, 13:57 PM
My former landlord gave me back my Tenantacy Deposit for two weeks for my room, however he did not give back my Holding Deposit. He claims that for the two weeks £180 Tenantacy Deposite and two weeks Advance Deposite £180 he used the Holding Deposit £90 to off-set this claiming I paid for three weeks instead of four. This is not true.

After five years can I take him to court for the £90? Is there a time-limit?

The Holding Deposit and the Tenantacy Deposits are both vague. Since I immediately took up residence can I argue that it is unfair of the landlord failed to give me back my Holding deposite immediately? Furthermore, since I have two seperate agreements can I urgue that they should be be treated as seperate rather than merged together?

Any help will be welcomed. Thank you. Leshman

06-03-2010, 14:14 PM
I don't know whether you have a case or not. You may find this post useful


I do know that you have up to six years in which to make a claim.