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03-03-2010, 15:32 PM
I'm coming to the end of my tenancy and the L is selling the property. I gave permission recently for an estate to come and value the property without me being present. Last night I looked on the estate agent website and found that there are photographs of the inside of the house and all my possessions on the website.

Does the L have the right to do this without my permission?

Also, can I deny the L entry to the property if the agent wants to conduct a viewing?

Mrs Jones
03-03-2010, 15:51 PM
I can understand your annoyance at what you see as an invasion of your privacy. It is normal for an estate agent to combine taking the photos with valuing the property if the owner has agreed to them taking on the sale of the property and they probably assumed that your permission to value included permission to take photos. Obviously incorrectly!

And you do not have to allow viewings at all if you do not wish, nor do you have to allow your landlord to enter the property if you do not wish it. However, assuming you do not want to get in to a bad situation with your LL (on whom you may depend for a reference....) you may wish to consider negotiating set times for viewings when you can be present.

Also, even though you are "coming to the end of your tenancy", assuming you stay on after the end of the fixed term, and your tenancy becomes periodic, the LL still has to give you 2 months notice (such notice to end on the last day of the rental period) of possession.

mind the gap
03-03-2010, 15:58 PM
I too can understand your annoyance, however I agree with Mrs Jones that it is (probably) not worth heaping stress upon yourself over...are there any items in particular which you feel strongly enough about to warrant asking the estate agent not to use them?

03-03-2010, 16:05 PM
mikedavidge: are there any security implications, i.e. is this publicity likely to expose you to burglary? Tell contents insurers.

04-03-2010, 08:21 AM
Yes I've been on a periodic for almost a year now, the L gave notice on the 1st February so that's all fine.

And yes it's the invasion of privacy that bothers plus the items in my living room are quite expensive (Plasma TV, Blu-ray player, etc.)

I know that it's best to keep onside with a landlord but I've been a perfect tenant, I shouldn't feel pressured to allow viewing because I'm afraid of a bad reference.

Anyway I got home late last night to find a note in my letterbox from the L. In it she asked for permission to enter the property today to access water to do some cleaning around a drain that had to be recently unblocked.

She also mentioned that a viewing has been booked for friday at noon and could I confirm my agreement to their entry.

Am I wrong to deny access since I can't be present on Friday due to work?

04-03-2010, 10:54 AM
We were recently in the same situation although we were actually present when the estate agent came for the viewing. They asked if they could take photos and i told them i preferred they didn't but would provide some photos myself. We had pictures from first moving in where everything was a lot less cluttered and i could also take photos at certain angles, move stuff etc so that it was fairly generic stuff in the shots. Estate agent was more than happy with this

04-03-2010, 14:45 PM
Am I wrong to deny access since I can't be present on Friday due to work?

Do you really want to be present each and every time there's a viewing? A load of strangers trooping through your house while you're trying to enjoy some quiet time? No thanks!

Being both a LL and a T I can see both sides, and I have to say, I'd rather not be in. If I'm at home I like to enjoy quiet time, without having to deal with viewings going on around me. If you're worried about security, either the LA or the L will be there (and insist that they are), and neither of them are likely to nick anything I'm sure.