View Full Version : slightly unusual but help please re tenancy/photography

02-03-2010, 19:33 PM
As the tenants of a house that was on the sales market in 2008, do we *have* to allow the agent/Landlord to photograph the house (with our furniture and personal possessions) for the purpose of remarketing for sale? They have the old sales brochure and photos but I believe consider it may well look more attractive now, hence their need to re-photo. My issue is not to do with access at all - more that I am slightly nervous given some pieces of furniture and easily identifiable paintings we have. My understanding is that so long as photos are dated, the use of older ones is okay - but I'd like to be 100% on this.

Can anyone help with where I might stand?

Many thanks


02-03-2010, 19:48 PM
No, you don't *have* to allow the agent to photograph the property.

Assuming, however, that you do not want to be wholly obstructive to the LL's needs, I would propose an alternative solution, that the LL bears the cost of your designated art/furniture handlers to remove your belongings from view during the photography shoot, and to reinstall them in place afterwards. I think this is perfectly reasonable if the art/furniture is of high value/awkward to move around. Ensure you get any agreement made in writing and signed by LL; don't accept a promise.

As for using old photos, I don't know the answer, but I would imagine that if the old photos are clearly dated and perhaps an explanatory note added to the details, then it could not be construed as misleading to prospective purchasers.