View Full Version : Can L deduct from deposit these electric repair costs?

23-02-2010, 18:52 PM
I am shortly re-claiming one of my properties.
In November 2009 I received an urgent message telling me that the electrics had blown. I immediately assigned an electrician to sort this problem out. It would seem that the outside set of lights had blown the consumer unit because water had entered the light fixing. This water had entered because a globe on the light cluster had been broken. Three months prior to this mishap I had informed the tenants, on two occasions about this broken globe. Their reply being "These globes are not our responsibility". I beg to differ with them on this point and kept all written communication for this reason.
My question is, can I legally deduct some, or all of this electricians invoice from the tenants deposit?. This invoice came to 680 GBPs a lot of money and in my opinion only due to the tenants neglect. Any help would be much appreciated thank you in advance.