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10-02-2010, 22:17 PM
Hi all,

i was wondering if anybody could provide me with any landlord gas and electric contracts, whereby they service boiler and give annual landlord certificates for gas and electric.

Thanks in advance

10-02-2010, 22:28 PM
I have a 11 tenanted HMO and used this company a few weeks back.. Very good and got my safety certificates emailed to me within a few days http://www.gas-elec.co.uk/

10-02-2010, 22:32 PM
Thanks for your quick reply.

Does anybody know of any others????

11-02-2010, 10:00 AM
With these companies advertising nationwide and then subcontracting to local tradesmen you always end up paying more.

A single gas safety certificate outside London should be no more than about £50, but it's difficult to get a price from that website as you have to move from page to page, seemingly endlessly.

Far easier to pick up the yellow pages and phone up a handful of Gas Safe-registered engineers in your area.