View Full Version : Want to sell property but have tenant - rules/process?

07-02-2010, 21:55 PM
Advice sought as new to this.
Wish to sell/market property - have tenants on short term assured let for 6 months (just started - ends july). I presume that the earliest I can market property is two months prior to end of the agreed contract?

What is S21??

In May will I have the right to notify them that I intend to sell property so should they wish to extend term that it would not be possible, or could I extend on rolling term etc.

Can we market it now to test the market etc??

07-02-2010, 22:20 PM
You can either sell the property with or without the tenants. In the latter, the tenants keep the same tenancy agreement they had with you.

Alternatively, you can issue a section 21(1)(b) notice (Housing Act 1988) giving notice that you intend to seek possesion at the end of the fixed term. I believe you can start the court process after 2 months, but if you get a possession order it won't take effect until the end of the fixed term. If there is a deposit, it needs to be correctly protected BEFORE you start this process.

This does not mean your property will necessarily be empty at the end of July - you may have to employ court bailiffs if tenants don't go on due date, and this can take 1 to 4 weeks.

Tenant does not have to let you, your agent, or prospective purchasers view the property while they have a tenancy.