View Full Version : transfer of deposit from letting agent to landlord

06-02-2010, 14:41 PM
Hi everyone

I have been asked by the letting agent I am using which tenancy deposit scheme I want to use so they can transfer my tenants deposit to it.

If I want to return the deposit to the tenant (they messed up the inventory anyway) can I ask them to do this?

Thanks for your help,

06-02-2010, 15:44 PM
I assume the tenancy has only just started, so why would you want to return the deposit to the tenant? Regardless of whether or not you have evidence of condition of property (enabling you to claim deductions for damage at the end of the tenancy), you may need the deposit to cover unpaid rent.

But yes, you can return it to T if you really want to, but make sure you have a written receipt, signed by the tenant, that they have received it back, or you could end up with a claim for deposit non-compliance from an unscrupulous tenant.