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05-01-2010, 13:07 PM
Good afternoon all

I am not sure if this is a daft question for this forum but I thought it would be best to try and draw on people’s own experience so any advice is appreciated. I have read lots of posts on here, just for my own interest and have also asked a couple of questions in the past and found in the main, everyone is really helpful.

I have been a resident landlord and a tenant in the past. In August last year, myself and the other half decided to move in together. I was renting a house at the time and he has a flat with a mortgage that in the current climate has no hope of selling so he decided to rent that out and we are renting a house together now.

He had a tenant move in at the beginning of November last year and the let is a fully managed let through a reputable agent, (a chain as opposed to an independent – not sure if I am allowed to mention them here so I won’t for now,) but the let scheme comes with guaranteed rental payment and all the bells and whistles of the letting agent going through the court proceedings for you if needed. The agent also insists that every tenant on their books has a guarantor.

The first rental payment was slightly late due to a problem with the standing order from the tenants account but this was promptly rectified and the tenant paid I believe by credit card.

My other half confessed all to me last night that he is worried about the whole thing – the fact that the payment was late in the first place and he doesn’t know if the place is being wrecked or not until the first inspection at the end of this month. My response was that problems happen with standing orders – for instance, our own bounced in November because the funds were not transmitted from his bank account to our joint account in time but this was sorted the same day and fortunately, our own letting agent was none the wiser because we sent a same day payment.

I also advised that from a resident landlord point of view, where I had one very nice lodger and two from hell and from a tenant point of view where I have looked after the property as if it was my own and we are doing the same now, not every tenant is the tenant from hell.

I hope I have said the right things – he didn’t look convinced to be honest but I would appreciate any positive words of wisdom that I can use to try! I appreciate it’s a lottery out there and I guess the answer could be “just wait and see because you won’t know until the letting agent walks in there !!”

Thanks very much all.


mind the gap
05-01-2010, 13:12 PM
Does the tenant owe any rent at the moment?

Do you have any reason to believe he has damaged the property?

If not, then the answer to your initial question is probably 'no'. It is natural for your partner to feel anxious about about a stranger living in his property, but he must stop thinking of it as his own home, because it isn't, any more. Its just a building, from which he makes money. Most tenants are decent and the chances are yours will be fine.

05-01-2010, 13:14 PM
The next rental payment is due about now I think so at the moment, I would say no, he does not owe anything.

As for believing in damage, I honestly cannot see a reason to suspect anything. I believe he works at the local college which seems OK to me.

mind the gap
05-01-2010, 13:15 PM
The next rental payment is due about now I think so at the moment, I would say no, he does not owe anything.

As for believing in damage, I honestly cannot see a reason to suspect anything. I believe he works at the local college which seems OK to me.

So stop worrying! :)

05-01-2010, 13:49 PM
I agree with MTG. Stop worrying.

05-01-2010, 15:15 PM
This feels like pangs of 'someone is in my home and I don't know how they are treating it', syndrome, which is something I have observed among new landlords.

Unfortunately, once your OH agrees to a stranger using their home as theirs in exchange for money, the home ceases to be your OH's in a personal sense and becomes an investment and perhaps a profitable one (which is the upside), however temporary this might be.

Tenants won't regard someone's home in the same sentimental way as the owner because they simply cannot do so and actually, its off-putting for tenants to be made to feel this way (intentionally or not by the owner) to any degree as they will then feel they cannot make the home, their home, which is very important that they are able to do.

If your OH is concerned about the condition of the property, inform the tenant that you wish to carry out an inspection after say 4-5 months of the tenancy starting.
Did you have an inventory created and a check-in carried out by a professional independent inventory clerk?

Mrs Jones
05-01-2010, 23:09 PM
I agree with Tenantsluvme - When I let my first house (as I was going abroad) I knew that I had to let go of the idea that it was "mine". It had become a business and I have been able to treat it as such ever since. Not everyone can do that though!