View Full Version : Northern Ireland Guarantor

03-11-2009, 20:22 PM
Hi, I have prospective tenants who need a guarantor. Their only option is someone who lives in Northern Ireland. If the guarantee was on a property in England, would it be covered by English Law? If so, how would I enforce it?

Any help/advice appreciated

03-11-2009, 20:33 PM
Northern Ireland is a separate country, so has it's own distinct legal system.

I expect that if LL needs to pursue the guarantor for e.g. unpaid rent, you would need to get a solicitor who specialises in Northern Ireland law.

A solution would be to get tenant's with a guarantor in England or Wales.

04-11-2009, 11:36 AM
A Northern Ireland guarantor can certainly guarantee an E&W tenant's obligations.
The problems would potentially be in how to enforce an E&W liability/judgment against a guarantor outside the jurisdiction.