View Full Version : Deposit return cheque held up in post - how long do I wait?

03-11-2009, 17:58 PM
I left a rented property on 6th September and return of deposit was agreed. Due to the postal strikes I still have not received the cheque returning my deposit. My ex-landlord has already cancelled one cheque and sent another but this second one has also not arrived. It is now nearing 2 months since I left the property.
How long can I reasonably be expected to wait for the cheque before I request the ex-landlord transfers the deposit to my account by bank transfer? I understand this is asking them to go into a branch and make the transfer and that the postal strike is not his fault, however after 2 months I do need the money back.
Thanks for any advice

03-11-2009, 18:14 PM
BACS payment is always preferrable to cheque. Why wait? L can pay you by BACS via telephone'internet banking, without need to visit a bank branch.