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30-10-2009, 16:26 PM
Hi there

I secured a CCJ for an ex tenant, I do not have a current address but I have their employers details, is it better to use the last known address on the court form or to include a covering letter explaining that I only have the employers details and as under the data protection law personal data is exempt from the non-disclosure provisions where the disclosure is required by or under any enactment, by any rule of law or by the order of a court the employer should release their address.

Or should I use last known address which is my property and currently empty, will the court act and contact the employer?

Help/Advice/Previous experience much appreciated.
Thank you :)

31-10-2009, 00:25 AM
Last known address is fine! If he hasn't told you or the court where he is now then it's not your fault he didn't get the letter/form whatever warning him about this ;)

01-11-2009, 10:00 AM
Many thanks that's great, we'll take the form to the court tomorrow.

01-11-2009, 17:37 PM
Note that the disclosure provisions of S35 Data Protection Act 1998 merely give the employer in this case the right to release the data without penalty - there is no compulsion - you cannot make them release the info without a court order.